Latest technology Apple iPhone 5 revelations

World is changing day by day and so as our expectations. 5 years ago, people are suing only simple cell phones but now they are demanding more than iPhone. A lot of speculations are doing the rounds in the tech world about the new Apple iPhone 5.  People are curious about this new latest technology although nothing is clear about its features and release date. Some of the experts revealed some features of Apple IPhone 5 and here they are as follows.

Display quality: some of the latest reports about Apple iPhone 5 revealed that it have 3.5 inch diagonal screen and 4 inch length. This 4 inch screen of this new Apple iPhone 5 is 30% increase in size. Some of the market analyst said that this bigger display is becoming a trend now as Apple and their competitors both are using this feature in their latest products.

Connector: some of the sources say that Apple will introduce smaller connectors in their upcoming device iPhone 5, this time Apple came up with 19 pin connector port at the bottom instead of using 30 pin connector port to make the room for earphone moving to the bottom. This means new iPhone would not connect with myriad of accessories such as speakers and power chargers.

Processor and operating system: Some of the experts say that iPhone 5 would come with iOS 6 and Apple also includes some latest technology in it like iCloud and facebook. Apple 5 will sport the A5X dual core processor and with this playing online games in iPhone 5 become easy and fast.

Hard glasses: as per latest report, Apple iPhone 5 will concentrate upon overall durability and it ship with Gorilla glass 2. Even latest Apple iPhone 5 support latest online games like World of Goo, Angry birds, online lotteries and Fruit ninja.

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