How to Use Open-source

It is interesting to note that hacker culture evolved way back when very few people owned computers as it was very expensive to buy them. Any newbie can acquire hacker skills by simply getting a copy of Linux or OpenSolaris, install it on a pc and run it. This shows that it is essential to know how to use open-source in hacking.

Sure there are other operating systems in the world in addition to Unix, but as they are distributed in binary —,  it is impossible to read the code or modify it. Unix, as we know is the operating system of the web. While one can understand internet without learning the Unix, it is impossible for a hacker to work without learning and understanding Unix. This is the reason why it is essential to know how to use open-source in the hacker culture today.

The symbiosis between Internet and Unix is strong enough. If one focuses on the Unix under the hood, there are some interesting things to learn. You can learn it, tinker with it and talk to the internet with it. Read the code, understand it and then make modifications. Use your programming tools, like c, C++, Lisp, python etc. As a hacker, you'll imbibe more knowledge than you realize and have much more fun.

To  to learn how to use open-source and  get your hands on a Linux,. You can download plenty of free tutorials online. A local Linux user group can help you with the installation. In past few years, a better choice, Ubuntu has emerged, which is by far most accessible to Linux newbies.

A good way to start is to boot up with a live CD without modify your hard disk. This may be slow but it is a good way to look at the possibilities. It is always better to get in touch with a local group on Linux users and ask for any help as you learn how to use open-source.

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