How to Use the Internet

The web or internet is like one big playground for the hacker to practice and hone his skills. Therefore, it is very essential and basic for him to know how to use the internet. That doesn’t mean he \need to know how to surf, or chat or send emails. It is much deeper than that. H The hacker needs to know the html code very well. It is essential for him to learn how to use the internet to advance his skills.

HTML is the Web’s markup language. A hacker should know how to write and understand the basic html code as well as the new development in it. He should stick to XHTML, which is an improved and cleaner language than the basic html. The hacker can start learning with some good tutorials on web. There is wealth of information available on web.

Needless to say, when you learn how to use the internet, you should have a good English too. English is the working language of the hackers and therefore you should be well versed with it. Perhaps one of the reasons behind is that English is richer in technical vocabulary when compared to any other language. Therefore, it simply serves as better tool for the hackers when they learn how to use the internet.

The attitude and the mid set of a hacker are important but even more important are the tools he uses to advance his skills. There is no substitute for competence. And getting well familiar with internet and html is one of the important apparatus in the basic toolkit of skills for the hackers.

However, the toolkit may change with time, replacing the old tolls with the newer ones as new technologies develop and make the older one obsolete.

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