White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers, also known as the good guys or ethical Hackers, are hired by an organization or a company, to look into the loopholes of the safety of its computer network systems. He is asked to hack their website and enter their network, just like an illegal hacker would do. This is how white hat hackers work. They are the good guys actually making the safety features of a computer network evens stronger. They are asked by the company who hires them to break into their security and look for the weak points.

So, how to become a white hat hacker? Just get skilled in the process of hacking and you can enter into a legal contract with a big company. Remember the contract can last for many years. Most companies often like to stick to the same white hat hacker, as they don’t want their security to be tampered and get to depend on the hacker in the long run. Gradually the white hat hacker becomes the backbone of the company. Generally they pay a lot to these hackers as they know that the sensitive information of their company is known to these employees..

On their part, the companies should thoroughly cheek the background of any white hat hacker   and his past record before hiring him. They should make sure that he has ample years of expertise and white hat hacker training.

Let us take a look at white hat hacker code or ethics.

  • Work with well-defined goals
  • Acquire knowledge with experience
  • Free access to computers –or anything that teaches you
  • All information should be free
  • Judged by their hacking experience
  • No criteria such as degrees, or  position or race
  • Change life for the better
  • White hat hackers play an important role to fight against encroaching computer technology. Mental stimulation and scientific curiosity is what drives these White hat hackers, ho spend endless hours on computers to home their skills.

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