Who are Hackers

Initially, the term hacker or hackers was coined for those talented computer programmers who could solve almost any problem very fast. They were innovative, following unconventional means. But today, the term is more synonymous for those programmers, who break into the computers of other people, or even a big organization or a company, to steal information. They can also create a virus. So, who are hackers actually? Read on to find out.

Open of the common traits found among hackers is a strong sense of curiosity that sometimes turns into an obsession. A hacker often takes pride in his ability to develop new programs, as well have the ability to crack and understand other systems and how they work. Often, when a code or programming didn’t work properly, the hackers could create and place small sections of code at the right places to fix the issues.

Technically, hackers break into computers and their networks. They can be motivated by several reasons like, challenge, thrill, or money. Although they were often referred to as the computer underground earlier , but today they are more openly accepted. They need not break into a computer with a malicious motive, sometime, their services are important and required for the safety of an organization.

Let us round up the different activates of hackers as below:

  • He loves to explore the details of programmable systems and how to enhance their capabilities
  • He is an enthusiastic programmer and very good at  programming
  • He is an  expert at a particular program
  • He is an  enthusiast of any kind, for example one may enjoy begin just an astronomy hacker
  • He enjoys the intellectual challenge of overcoming limitations.

  • The main tools for the hackers are mainly his intellect and the computer code. There are relatively a very small number of hackers who actually program code when compared to the large community of hackers online. You will come across hundreds of programs used by the hackers to explore computers and networks. Once hacker knows how the system of an organization works, he can devise programs to break into it.

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