What is a Black Hat Hacker?

With more and more people spending time on web, connecting on the social media networks, that means there are more opportunities for all those grey hat hackers out there to attack. Any site in the world would love to be in the shoes of Face book, visited by millions of people every day, to socialize […]

What is a White Hat Hacker?

White hat hackers, also known as the good guys or ethical Hackers, are hired by an organization or a company, to look into the loopholes of the safety of its computer network systems. He is asked to hack their website and enter their network, just like an illegal hacker would do. This is how white […]

Job Opportunities in Technical Fields

Now a day’s everything is on computer. So, there is lot of career opportunities in I.T sector. Computer electronics is an ideal career for an individual who has vast knowledge working on electrical equipment. This field also provides you a way to earn money online on internet and this is called E-business methods. If you […]

What is Grey Hat Hacking?

We know about the white and black hats, but what about the grey hat hackers? Well, there is another class of hacklers, that you can say lie in-between the black and the white and are known as the grey hat hackers. So, what is a grey hat hacker? Read on to find out. A grey […]

Is Hacking Legal?

Is  hacking legal? This is the prime focus of this article. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, that became effective in 2004, concerns all those emails sent with the motive of giving information and building relationships. The Federal Trade Commission as well as the other federal and state agencies can put into effect the law against organizations […]

Learning How To Program

How to program is of course the first fundamental hacking skill. In case you don’t know any computer languages, then Python is a good recommendation. This well documented and clearly designed languages is easy for the beginners to understand. Besides being simple, it is a very powerful and flexible language for bigger projects. When you […]

Types of hackers

Generally, it is seen that hackers, sue to their extreme interest in computers and programming often become antisocial. They can spend hours on their computer and show addiction to hacking. You will come across various types of hackers, some follow ethical practice while others do not. At many times, it is seen that trespassing on […]

Some Useful Links for You to Get Started

It seems like you’re running a default WordPress website. Here are a few useful links to get you started: Migration How to use WordPress Migrator Plugin? Migrate WordPress from Siteground to Cloudways Migrate WordPress from GoDaddy to Cloudways General How do I take my website live from Cloudways? How to manage WordPress via WP-CLI on […]