Is Hacking Legal?

Is  hacking legal? This is the prime focus of this article. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, that became effective in 2004, concerns all those emails sent with the motive of giving information and building relationships. The Federal Trade Commission as well as the other federal and state agencies can put into effect the law against organizations under their authority and can use any violators on web. One will come across us punishments for illegal spammers and hackers.

However, not all hacking is illegal. So, what makes hacking legal? Many times, big organizations and companies hires these hackers for security reasons and  to make their company foolproof against any un authorized access. Also known as ethical hacking, this is a common way used by most companies to test how secure they are. Btu that doesn’t mean that hacking done with permission is legal. Getting permission to hack a system that one does not own is considered

Cyber laws vary from country to country. In some countries, the laws against hacking are strict but the implementation is weak. Generally, there is very little awareness amongst the general masses on is hacking legal or what kind of hacking is legal in their country.

Hacking sites is illegal while keeping yourself protected from hacking is completely legal. But if you hacking your own system and that by no means is harmful to any other users, this is completely safe to practice. You will come across many sites on web that allow you to hack their sites and where you can get free practice on hacking their sites.

Get aware on the rules of hacking in your country before foraying into this arena. If you are found indulging into any illegal activities, you can land in trouble. The internet providers today monitor customers who using their services.

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