What is a Black Hat Hacker?

With more and more people spending time on web, connecting on the social media networks, that means there are more opportunities for all those grey hat hackers out there to attack. Any site in the world would love to be in the shoes of Face book, visited by millions of people every day, to socialize and connect to their friends.

But there are some costs one has to pay for being number one on the search engine rankings. It makes you the top  targets of black hat hackers out there. There have been many reports already on a number of attacks on this social network giant.

What is a black hat hacker?  Well, in simple worlds, he is just the opposite of the white hat hacker. That doesn’t mean you will see a hacker wearing a black hat. But it is more like the computing slang and is used figuratively. It is used to refer to a computer security hacker who breaks into networks or computers illegally and also makes viruses.

Black hat hacker works with a negative frame of mind. Whatever he does or whatever his objectives are, they mean to do only harm. It can be to a person. or a company, bit or small. Here is a list of some famous black hat hackers.

  • Kevin Mitnick
  • Eric Corley
  • Gordon Lyon
  • Rafael Núñez aka RaFa
  • Michał Zalewski
  • Gary McKinnon

Black hat hackers are like the villain in the movies, wanted for doing something really bad.

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