What is Grey Hat Hacking?

We know about the white and black hats, but what about the grey hat hackers? Well, there is another class of hacklers, that you can say lie in-between the black and the white and are known as the grey hat hackers. So, what is a grey hat hacker? Read on to find out.

A grey hat hacker, is a skilled hacker, whose activities and objectives fall somewhere between white and black hat hackers. They act illegally but with a good objective. They doo not hack or break into the computer security with ill intentions or selfish gains, they just do so to enhance their own hacking skill so as to become a more superior expert in offering security. They want to improve on their technological exploits. What else that sets them apart from the white hats is that grey hat hackers can advise both the companies as well as the hacker community of their security exploits.

A grey hat hacker is a hacker who:

  • Struggles with questions of ethics and law in the line of their work
  • Will not support full exposure of vulnerabilities
  • Reports the weakness to the product seller usually
  • Engages in illegal security research with the purpose to secure rather than use

To wrap up on grey hat hacker, we can say that he exploits a security weakness in a computer and then brings it into the notice of the owners. He uses illegal practice but without any intention of harm. He works ot improve his own skills as well as to improve network security. However, by making the weak points in a system or a product, he gives other crackers the chance to exploit the situatio

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